Terms And Conditions

  1. Perth Portrait Photos reserves the right to cancel a shoot due to adverse conditions or any other reason. All cancelled shoots will be rescheduled or monies refunded.
  2. Every attempt will be made to produce prints and other products as soon as possible for the client but this may not be possible due to holidays, delays with suppliers or Perth Portrait Photos desire to produce the best possible quality.
  3. Perth portrait photos retains the copyright on all work, unless a different agreement is reached by both parties prior to the sitting.
  4. Some locations such as Kings Park and UWA are only available if a fee is paid to them, if the shoot goes to one of these locations the additional monies will be paid by the client.
  5. Portrait sitting times are limited to 90 minutes. Additional time will be charged at $66 per half hour incl GST or part there of unless the fault is that of the photographer or Perth Portrait Photos.
  6. Perth Portrait Photos reserves the right to charge for travel if it is deemed to be excessive.
  7. Perth Portrait Photos will provide you the best possible result, however, due to circumstances beyond Perth Portrait Photos control or for any other reason, and the result is below par, liability is limited to providing the client with services, up to a value no greater than the money already paid.
  8. Perth Portrait Photos reserves the right to use a different photographer if the original is unavailable due to any reason. It is understood that the photographer will be of a proficient and professional nature.
  9. All prints will be finished to a professional standard. This does not always go to the extent of retouching that some people imagine. Extensive retouching such as teeth whitening, facial and skin smoothing and weight-loss etc all take time and often will be charged in addition the normal print cost. Any concerns or requests should be discussed before the sitting.