Top Tips for a Beach Wedding in Perth

Having just shot a couple of beach weddings, I thought I would make a few suggestions, here are some

  1. Ceremony time. You want to have the sun angle low, so early morning or late afternoon is the go. The shadows in the middle of the day, under the eyes, nose and chin are not very flattering and the contrast is very high which is not good when you have a bride in white and a groom in black.
  2. The morning is definitely the best time for a beach wedding in Perth as the wind tends to be lighter and coming from the East. The sun is not reflecting over the water so you get the lovely colours of the Indian Ocean coming out in your photos.
  3. Choose the right time of the year. High Summer is probably not the best time because it’s very hot! I think that early Autumn say March/April is the pick of the times, the drops right off in Autumn
  4. Dress appropriately! There is not much point in having high heels on the beach! Flats or bare feet, you can wear heels later if you wish.
  5. Drinks. Make sure you have plenty to drink for you and your guests if it is going to be hot. You want your guests to be having a good time and when there is no shade an esky with waters is just the ticket.