Richard Avedon Photographer

One of my favourite photographers is Richard Avedon. From New York, he really made his mark in the 70's and 80's. He was a pioneer of the fashion industry in the late 1940's his work was published in magazines such as Life, Look, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar which he shot work for 20 years.

My preferred work is his minimalistic shots of celebs and ordinary people shot with a white backdrop and standard lighting. All subjects appear to be expressionless, in fact their expressions seem to be one of "not being photographed".

it's hard to describe but almost everyone is affected by the camera- what face shall I put on for the camera? Happy, silly, resigned, grumpy etc?

His collection In the American West is great but must been seen in large format to appreciate and gain the full affect of what he was aiming to achieve. Having said this, i have added a link to a shot of Marilyn Monroe which is one of my favourites. To me it says "is this all that my life is and will ever be?"


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