Top Ten Ways for a Successful Portrait Shoot

  1. Use Perth Portrait Photos for your next portrait shoot! Robert has over 15 years experience in the photographic industry. He is relaxed when shooting and listens to what his clients want, whilst adding his own unique style to every shoot. Robert is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.
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  3. Pick the right photographer for you. Most people shop on price (which is important) but it’s not the only thing to consider. It is important to choose somebody who you enjoy working with and you relate to their work. Can you imagine some of their work on your wall? Would you like to spend time with this person? Tell them what you want and listen to their answers and suggestions.
  4. Discuss the portrait location before the shoot. Your photographer will have many options of places to take portraits. These will vary according to needs of the client. Do you want to have a park and garden setting or do you prefer buildings?
  5. Time of the shoot. Photographers usually want to shoot early morning or late afternoon because the light is at a better angle and is ‘warmer’. Try to go with the flow on this!
  6. What to wear to your photo session is important. I generally say to people- wear your favourites or most comfortable clothes. If you are unsure, take a change of clothes. Avoid red, pinks as they are dominant colours and will detract from others in the photo.
  7. Take a prop or two. Particularly if you have kids, it's great to take a toy or ball, frisbee etc. The family dog is also good in the family situation but always check with your photographer. 
  8. Photographing children is a joy and sometimes a challenge! If your children are around the 2-6 years age, don’t make a big deal of the shoot, telling them to be on their best behavior and how important it is. Often kids will use this as leverage and play up. I prefer them to be themselves rather than force a smile from them.
  9. Relax and have fun! Although most people don’t relax in front of a camera, you need to try! Most shoots end up being a lot of fun. The more natural poses are when people are having fun and let down their‘natural defences’.
  10. Be guided by your photographer. He or she is a professional and as such usually knows what is best. It’s amazing how many times I’ve had clients comment on how a photo turned out when they thought the location looked average. A good photographer will listen to their clients and guide them towards a successful result.